Around the World in 10 Board Games

Here is a list of 10 fun and beginner-friendly board games that will take you around the globe without ever having to leave your house!

1. Flick ’em Up

First up in our tour around the world is a dexterity game set in America’s Old West. Split into teams, get on your feet, and duke it out to see who is the rootinest, tootinest, flickiest cowboy west of the Mississippi.

2. The Quest for El Dorado

Next, travel south of the equator to search for gold in the jungles of South America. Build a deck of cards to help you find the gold before those other no-good, money-grabbin’ explorers (aka your friends) do.

3. Ticket To Ride: Nordic Countries

Grab a coat and a cup of cocoa, because you’re headed to the winter wonderland that is Scandinavia. In this game you’ll compete to build the most expansive network of train routes by collecting picturesque cards.

*Ticket to Ride has over a dozen different map options all over the world.

4. Santorini

Let’s warm up, shall we? Chess fans looking for a fresh twist can head to the Mediterranean and out maneuver their opponents while building the iconic blue-capped buildings of Santorini

6. Camel Up

Get ready to throw down some Egyptian pounds and bet on your favorite camel to the race. But be careful, camels are highly unpredictable, and it’s perfectly legal to tamper with the race course.

5. Carcassonne: Safari

Make your way south toward the African Savannah. In Carcassonne, you build the board as you play! Take turns putting down tiles to create bush, savannah and watering holes that attract wildlife.

7. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Hop on the next flight to Hong Kong, because you’ve got a mystery to solve! Work together to uncover how a murder unfolded, but beware, one of you is the culprit!

8. Hanabi

Kon’nichiwa! You and your friends are responsible for putting on the best fireworks display Japan has ever seen. The challenge? No one can see their own cards!

9. Reef

Alright puzzle-lovers, this leg of our trip around the world is all for you. You must build a reef that is constantly growing and adapting to appease ever changing goals.

10. Hey, That’s My Fish!

Seventh Continent, here we come! Use your pair of penguins to control patches of ice floe. Good planning positioning will help you collect fish while denying your opponents the same salty snacks.

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