Zeropes Socks Review

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates, in any way.

Zeropes offers three types of socks: Anti Blister, Ultra Comfort, and Compression. Over the last five weeks I have tried both the Anti-Blister and the Compression socks. I wear a size 7.5 women’s shoe and tested the size small socks.

Zeropes socks are made from a secret polypropylene blend and boast a hand-linked seamless in the toes. The Compression Socks are rated 20-30 mmHg, which means that the amount of compression will not fall below 20 mmHg and not exceed 30 mmHg. (The unit of measurement is called “millimeters of mercury” which is a measurement of pressure, also used in blood pressure.)


  • Affordable price point – The Anti Blister Socks are available on Amazon for $14.98, which is average for a pair of running socks. At $19.97, the Compression Socks are half the price of well known brands.
  • Comfortable fit – Both pairs of socks contoured to my feet and did not move or bunch during exercise. My feet are very sensitive and blister often, especially when I try new things, but I have not gotten one blister in my Zeropes. In fact, while wearing either pair, I don’t think about them, which is the best sign of a good sock.
  • Durable fabric – I run almost every day and cover between 50-75 miles per week. I’ve tried many socks that develop a hole in the toe within the first two weeks. After five weeks, neither pair has shown any sign of thinning.
  • Zeropes offers a 100% guarantee – “If you find a better product on the market or unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us via Amazon or contact information on our product to get a replacement/refund or other solutions.”


  • Limited color options – compared to other athletic sock companies, Zeropes has significantly less options, especially in the Compression Sock which only comes in black in white. I personally prefer a black sock, but I know that many runners seek more colorful choices.
  • Plastic Packaging – The socks are packaged in a cardboard sleeve and mailed in a plastic wrapper. I realize that this is not a negative asset of the sock itself, but I would love to see environmentally friendly packaging.


I finished the last four weeks of my most recent marathon training cycle alternating between the Anti Blister and Compression socks. They felt so great during training, that I ended up wearing the Anti Blister socks for my BQ attempt at the Indianapolis Marathon. After the race, I changed into the Compression socks for the flight home. I love these socks and they are officially a part of my daily running apparel.

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